Forever Grateful

Client Testimonial

I was a skeptic also believer at the same time.  How could that be? Either you are or you aren’t, but I needed validation that she was real with her gift.  I was going through a very difficult time and I turned to Paula. On our first reading I went with an open mind. She validated herself by mentioning some very specific things that nobody would have known, like that my dog has an issue with his right hip/ leg area but it’s nothing serious. My dog will sprain his right hip area once in awhile and will be out of commission for a few days because of it. Nobody, I mean nobody but I knew that.

The information provided by my guardian angel and family were truly spot on. Including a message from a very close family member who was expressing a lot of concern and told me to step back and not to ignore the signs. I didn’t understand at that moment but I did after I was diagnosed with a serious health issue. I didn’t ignore the signs and went to see my doctor, let’s just say seeing my doctor early enough saved my life.

There is so much other information she provided me from loved ones that have passed and very accurate description of those coming through. I am forever grateful to know Paula and I will see her every year or during times I need some guidance.

- Susan